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Shire Officers List

Seneschal:  Devon (Johnny Casady), (575) 760-4103, [email protected]
Chatelaine:  Aveline (Mary Murphy) (575) 714-9051
[email protected]

 Exchequer:  Shannon Hoffman (575) 693-1963

Herald:  Gwenllian de Broceliande 

[email protected]

Chronicler:  Open
Knight Marshal:  Corwin Grendel (Paul B. Spence)
Archery Captain:  Lord Airt the Scot (Art Scott)
Minister of Arts & Sciences:  Samilya (Shirlynn O`neill-Hudspeth), mailto:[email protected]

Minister of the Web:  Aveline (Mary Murphy) [email protected]

                                 Land Warden:  Curran (Mike Hernandez) (575) 219-9618


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